SoilTek Organic SolutionsFrequently Asked Questions

How to get started on your lawn:

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Typically on turf, we recommend a double core aeration followed with a compost top dressing, approximately ½ cubic yard/1,000 square feet of turf. Then a liquid application of live organic microbes would follow.

You, the customer, would water 5 minutes per zone with spray heads or 15 minutes with impact heads, whichever you may have. Do not water for 48 hours. This allows organics to adhere to the soil.

Follow up with another liquid application to feed the microbes.

We recommend one liquid application on all lawn areas every 4-5 weeks for the first year. Typically this could be reduced by one application per year as the soil health increases.

Watering Recommendations:

After the application, minimally water (again, 5 minutes per zone with spray heads or 15 minutes with impact heads) to push material into the root profile.

When watering, always water as much as the soil will hold. Then water only when the grass shows stress. The goal is to water once a week.


To perk up your trees and shrubs they too need nutrients. We recommend deep root injecting around the drip zone of the tree or shrub or the outer most diameter of the canopy. Repeat in two weeks to feed the microbes.

Late fall applications are highly recommended since all root repair occurs throughout the winter months.

Once you have been on the system for one year, we recommend a deep root injection spring, summer and fall to achieve the best results.

Perennial Beds:

If the soil has little organic matter, deep root injection is recommended. Otherwise a liquid topical application should be followed as the lawn applications above.