SoilTek Organic Solutions Growers

Feed Your Soil.
Providing Biological Nutrient and Microbial Diversity to Ensure Optimum
Growth and Bud Development

  • Industry Unique Foliars
  • Biologically Efficient Nutrient Buffet
  • HIGHLY Cost Effective
  • Excellent Water Uptake and Efficiency
  • Unsurpassed Trichomes, CBD, Terpenoids and THC Production
  • Strength and Evenness from Mother Plant to Harvest

SoilTek offers industry unique, biologically significant individual nutrients and support inputs. These Soil Primers closely mimic what would normally be found in soil such as residual nutrients, real humus, trace and minor elements from biological activity. Nearly all of our Primers are derived from biological fermentation, enzyme hydrolysis and naturally occurring isolates.

SoilTek specifically chose to offer these Primers individually so the grower can adapt each input to the successive growing stages of cannabis to allow the genetics of the plant to express its needs with a complete buffet of available nutrients start to finish.

Superb… I’m sold on your program and would not change a thing. Its a generally accepted belief that your nute program carried us, our limiting factor was my genetics, my dirt. Looking forward to next season already, with your feeding program we will be unstopable in our quest to grow the finest cannabis in the state.
-Scott Balch